We would like to take the opportunity to introduce the explore Cruise Bangladesh (ECB), a private tourism organization. We are operating all over Bangladesh with a range of excellent tour packages. Explore Cruise Bangladesh has already operate many river cruise & sight seeing (inbound and outbound) at International standard for ICC conference, Grameen Phone Ltd., Norwegian Embassy, BASF Bangladesh, Reckit Benkiser, United Leasing Company, Expolanka Shipping, Khuene & Negel Bangladesh Ltd., IDCOL and many others.

Company History

Bangladesh is the largest riverine delta of the world and interspersed by a number on international river courses. It has some unique attractions in connection with tourism, the Sundarbans, largest mangrove forest of the world, is located at the South West corner of the famous Royal Bengal Tiger. Shark free unbroken sandy sea beach of Cox’s Bazar, longest in the world, is located at the South east corner. Comparatively small but unique tropical and sub tropical rain forest along with cries-cross network of untrodden cricks, streams and canals located in the hill districts are all the magnificent attractions for tourists. Himchari, Madhobkunda, etc are all well known spots of this kind, however there are still many other such paradises which are really potential but fate of which failed to touch the red band of the race to recognition. Bangladesh can also expose her natural scenic beauty through her archaeological site, coral island, sand dune……., monuments. Cliffs etc, Most of which are still unexplored to the nature lower of the world. Read more


Pottery village is the most attractive for each tourist, which is about 40-km. drive to north Dhaka. Upon arrival you will, visit the very famous for brass artisans. You will see one of the places where they are at work. You can visit the “Rath” here in Dhamrai, which is very similar to the Roman chariot. During  the Bengal month of Ashar a big festival “Rath Jatra” take place here. After that you will go to other part of this village to see the potters, busy to make beautiful terracotta, which take the place in the house of local elite. This people also make the statue of many gods of Hidu community at  their big festival “Durga Puja” after lunch at a local restaurant, leave the bus at Nayarhat to take a boat to go to famous pottery village in kakran. The cruise will be for 40-50 minutes to reach there. There is widespread use of pot & utensils make from the clay, most of the people of this village are still potters and trying to hold this profession as their living. After spending some time here, take the waiting boat to get your car. Visit national Martyr’s Monuments at savar, which is 50m high and beautifully kept structure, was built as a memorial for the millions who died in the liberation war of 1971. Read more